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  • Water Facilities

    Provision of safe water supply prevents transmission of waterborne pathogens and reduces the exposure of individuals to chemical and physical hazards that could be ingested throu...

  • Water Conservation

    How to check for leaks To check for leaks, turn off all water faucets in your home Do not turn the water off at the meter. If your meter doesn’t have a leak detector, it wi...

  • Water Services

    Everything you need to know about Water Installation, Water Rates, Laboratory Work, Laboratory Rates, Water Chemistry Test, etc....

  • Fast Facts as of MAY 2016

     Average Monthly Production (cu.m)  : 1,558,751  Rated Production Capacity (cu.m)  : 1,564,300  Total Water Production : 1,610,895  Averag...


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 Average Monthly Production (cu.m) 

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